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My Favorite Detoxes - Part 2

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

I recently realized that I daily participate in healthy cleanses (detoxes) of which I described in my last blog.

Sleep, fresh water, fresh air, exercise, bathing, and elimination are simple, inexpensive, natural, organic, and easily available for most. Healthy sleep is now known to cleanse the brain of cellular debris, strengthening memory and hopefully helping to prevent brain trash build-up that might lead to dementia. Fresh air and water cleanse the blood and lungs. Hopefully, fresh air is accompanied by sunshine and nature, both which have replenishing power. Bathing cleanses the skin. Exercise with sweat helps excrete toxins from our pores and also generates energy. And elimination… bathroom duties (pardon the pun)... well, hopefully the detox power of those are obvious.

I regularly intermittently fast. It is believed that intermittent fasting leads to autophagy (a cell’s way of breaking down poorly functioning cells and passing them from the body), which helps keep the body strong and healthy. Intermittent fasting also has other health benefits such as weight loss; it helps me detox off of my voracious appetite, keeping my appetite in check.

More to come (probably) in later blogs about my favorite detoxes...

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