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I have been experimenting with intermittent fasting (IF) for health benefits now for almost two years. I have experienced good success. I hope to make available a publication of my IF journey soon.

Of late, I have been in a new phase of IF. I am now experimenting with 18 hours of fasting that includes skipping the evening meal. Formerly, I was mostly skipping the morning meal. My goal is to IF three times per week, aiming for an every-other day pattern.

I have noticed that I have better success, as measured by weight loss and waistline circumference, if I miss the evening meal rather than missing the morning meal. If I mix evening meal fasting with the long-standing wisdom of eating more food earlier in the day and tapering intake as the day goes on, even better success. Go figure.

Evening fasting requires me to be more intentional than morning fasting; it is also more difficult (for me). Mixing IF with other methods of disciplined eating brings me more success. Go figure.

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