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Raising the Dead

I recently had the privilege of listening to Dr. Chauncey Crandall speak at a medical conference. Dr. Crandall is a cardiologist in Palm Beach, Florida. I found out at the conference that he is somewhat known for an amazing encounter with a patient in 2006. On that particular day, a man had come to the emergency room with a heart attack and was eventually pronounced dead after a long code blue attempt to re-start his heart. Dr. Crandall was the senior doctor attending at that code blue. After the patient was pronounced dead and the ER personnel were finishing up their post-code blue responsibilities, Dr. Crandall felt prompted to pray for the patient and then have the ER doctor shock him again. When the patient was shocked, his heart restarted and the patient had a full recovery and was able to go back to work with no residual problems. From a medical viewpoint, the patient essentially was brought back to life after dying.

If you’re interested in this story, you can see the encounter portrayed on YouTube and also described in detail in Dr. Crandall’s book Raising The Dead.

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