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My Favorite Soul Detoxes

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

As mentioned in the two previous blogs, my favorite detoxes are simple, easy, affordable, and all natural. Today I want to discuss three of my favorite detoxes that do not deal with physical detox but soul detox.

The soul is a scriptural concept that refers to the “invisible-ness” of a human—mind, emotions, and will. These “hard to touch” qualities of being human are intricately interconnected with the same human’s touchable body. The visible and invisible parts of the soul are only separable for the sake of discussion, like a living human’s brain and heart are only temporarily separable for surgery (or dissection once the life has departed).

The concept of detox obviously insinuates removing toxins… poisons… substances that are harmful. Closely connected detox concepts are (1) cleansing (cleaning) and (2) replacing toxins with good, healthy things.

This brings me to my favorite soul detoxes:

  • Prayer—helps detox harmful things that have built up in my soul and spirit and cleanse me with God’s goodness, replacing toxicity with His strength and joy.

  • Weekly Sabbath rest—detoxes and cleanses me from the busy-ness and over-commitments of life and helps me recharge and renew. Being overly busy is often a way for me to feel overly significant about myself.

  • Regularly meeting and worshipping with my faith community—detoxes and cleanses me from an overly toxic self-focus, replanting me outward in relationships and community.

Prayer is daily for me, scheduled in my morning quiet time and continued throughout the day. Sabbath rest and faith community meetings are weekly. In contrast, the physical-focused detoxes described in the earlier blogs are daily.

Simple, easy, affordable, and all natural! A lifestyle of Detox.

(Incidentally, the picture attached has nothing to do with detox except for just being out in nature with fresh air and sunshine. It is one my favorite trails...and the scariest one that I have hiked...Angels Landing trail in Zion National Park. Almost made angels out of us...)

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