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I am preparing to go on my first foreign mission trip to Honduras. Our church, Abundant Life, sends a mission team every year to share Jesus with people in a different country. We work through the Surge mission program and partner with local pastors and churches in their own countries. I’m excited. Our teams regularly see God show up in power.

However, I have also had to work through some fears…fears of not being in control…traveler’s diarrhea…mosquito-born infections…harm in general…

Often, before our family leaves town for a family vacation, I will have to work through particular fears and uncertainties. Will we have enough money? Will we be protected and safe? Will the business that I am leaving for a week be okay? And then God will give me the promise of His presence from

Exodus 33:14, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” God is going with us. Faith rises in my heart. All is good to go!

Recently, I was soaking in God’s presence. While meditating in His Word (logos), He gave me a word (rhema) from Psalms 5: “Let all who take refuge in you (God) rejoice…spread your protection over them…you cover him with favor as a shield.” Thanks Lord, I needed that! It is well with my soul. All is good to go for Honduras.

Lord, release Your kingdom power in us and through us – heaven come to earth in Honduras!

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