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Aversion, Repulsion, Nobility

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

The Covid-era wave of problems has affected us all, some to lesser degrees and some to greater degrees. One of the problems that I developed back in August of 2020 was spells of nausea and light-headedness (I checked - I’m not pregnant). At first I thought it was coffee, but that proved to not be the instigator (thank You Jesus!).

Long story short - the cause of these spells ended up being multifactorial but the main culprit was something the Lord whispered in my spirit one day while praying about it: I was breathing in too much Lysol and other aerosolized disinfectants. When I promptly changed my disinfecting habits to not be constantly breathing them in, within a few weeks the spells were essentially over!

To this day (May of 2021), anytime I inhale too much of a malodorous fragrance or chemical, I get a slight nausea. Even the thought of inhaling certain fumes...or of experiencing certain unpleasant situations (perhaps I will explain later)…gets me a little queasy in the tummy. Certain things I have developed an aversion to. Some things I am repulsed by.

On a seemingly unrelated note (not really unrelated), the concept of honor and nobility has been in my thoughts lately. How can I be honorable and noble in circumstances in the midst of feeling averse or repulsed (with associated tummy symptoms)? Last night, I looked up Philippians 4:8 which says, “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable (noble in some versions)…just...pure...lovely...good report… virtuous...praiseworthy - dwell on these things.”

I desire to be noble and honorable in my dealings with others. Yet, I find that without a connection to true nobility (Jesus and Father God), I am not able; my efforts at honoring and being noble fall short.

Good news for me! I do have a connection with the One who is truly honorable. Releasing a genuine fragrance of nobility is within my reach. I am learning how not to be an aversion to others. I don’t want anyone within my smell-reach to be repulsed. I want them to experience the sweet fragrance of heaven itself...the original and ongoing garden of an unexpected waft of honeysuckle or lilac in the springtime.

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