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I am a follower of Jesus. The Kingdom of Jesus is full of wonderful paradoxes, such as abundance and prosperity along with sacrifice and giving. Jesus sacrificed so that I could have abundant life. With His abundant life, I am born again and sensitized to the things of God. My abundant life pathway will be filled with the pattern of Jesus, which was a pattern of sacrifice and giving as I grow and prosper.

My parents’ generation sacrificed greatly to attain levels of prosperity that their parents did not know. I have received generational blessings from my parents’ generation and do not have to re-learn their lessons or make their mistakes. As I have received their generational inheritance blessing, I have continued to sacrifice in new areas and continued to move forward, not having to start all over from their starting place.

It is the same in the Kingdom of Jesus. The prior generation sacrificed greatly to attain ground for Jesus. I have been able to receive as a gift that for which they sacrificed. I have then been able to sacrifice in new areas to take new ground, continuing to move forward with increase in God’s Kingdom. My descendants will be able to build upon that which I have obtained.

The Kingdom of heaven is full of wonderful mysteries and paradoxes. At this holiday season where we enjoy many blessings, meaning and joy are found in the sacrifice of prosperous blessings. Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end.

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