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This week, I was mowing my yard and realized that the old, dried oak leaves that I had cleaned out of the hedge were actually being blown right back into the same nooks and crannies of my yard. I thought about how wind and water are fluid—they flow. They infiltrate and penetrate into every nook and cranny; nothing can keep them out.

Then I thought of how the Holy Spirit often comes in scripture (and in our lives) as wind, water, and fire. I pondered about fire… Is it a fluid? Does it flow? My Google search told me that fire is not considered a fluid, but it does have flow characteristics.

My prayer for us: “Holy Spirit, come like a fire, like the wind, like water…wave after wave. Come any way you want…infiltrate and saturate and infuse us from head to toe. Fill us up with your healing love and healing power as you make us fruitful for your kingdom in our workplace ministries. In Jesus name, amen.”

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