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“Science and medicine are becoming bigger influences in the world all the time. Diseases are on the increase with little signs of cures. I believe in divine healing and have seen thousands healed through Jesus Christ, but I’m not opposed to medical intervention. The entire medical community is gaining power, credibility, and influence throughout our society… Authentic love and compassion for people, expressed by those planted within that system, brings forth a wonderful harvest. It’s amazing what we are allowed to do when we go in low just to serve. People know the difference between authentic love and a person fulfilling their religious obligations. Real love has very few opponents. Christ-like character always puts others first. This highly respected industry (healthcare) has fallen on hard times due to the great number of doctors who make questionable decisions based on profit margins. Hospitals are often in the cross hairs of critics as they often operate without compassion. Yet that is not the norm. Most of those in this profession at least started out with sincere compassion and a desire to help others. Kingdom-oriented people will once again be easy to spot as the need is so great. And if those individuals believe in the power of God to heal, all the better. Miracles occur through the hands of medical professionals at an increasing rate…It’s a beautiful combination when we see a whole segment of society raised up that can work in both the natural and the supernatural realms to bring about good health. More and more Christian (healthcare workers) are being trained by God to find answers to health issues. As wonderful as healing is, divine health is greater. Believers have been given access to the mysteries of the Kingdom regarding this subject. Those in this mountain of influence (healthcare) have access to things that the entire world is aggressively asking for. Asking God for specific solutions will enable those involved in medicine to give true creative expression to a dying world. This group of professionals has a head start in the area of excellence, as they are accustomed to paying a significant price for their role in society. If they can maintain passion and discipline, while embracing a humble heart, nothing will be impossible for them.” (emphases mine)

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