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We live in the information age. We have, at our disposal, a constant, continual, changing flow of information. I click on the internet and Yahoo! News pops up. If I find Yahoo!’s news boring, I can instantly click on any number of respected information websites. Tired of the computer? I can tune into “older” outlets of information – TV and radio. And there’s always the time honored (now antiquated?) print sources – newspapers, magazines and books. And faxes. And e-mails. And postal mail, text messaging, Facebook, blogs… Later, when I click on the internet again, the Yahoo! News headlines have now changed…

A phrase was penned many years ago that is perhaps more applicable today than ever before: “Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things” (Psalm 119:37a). The ever-present flow of information can be very helpful if I am disciplined enough to control it – letting in and digesting a little at a time, judiciously choosing from select sources. Most often, however, the fire-hydrant deluge of information serves as a distraction, wasting my time and my focus, making me unproductive. Is it any wonder that the mental illness drug Seroquel is reported to be in the top five drugs of 2007 (in sales)?

If I will dial down and take quality time to listen, God will establish His word to me. His flow of divine information to me will strengthen me and give my heart a single-focused passion on what is really important (Psalm 119:36-38). The fog of information overload will lift. Anchored by His word, I can be productive and live at peace!

The bombarding flow of information is a warfare of words for our hearts and minds. If we control the flow of information, it will not control us.

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